• Structure and Supporting Base
    • Suction filter unit
    • Air settling unit from solid residue
    • Spraying plant with 10-liter tank
    • Pumping plant with pump and agitator
    • 3 air and liquid pipes,
    • Gun
    • Units: rotating cup containment MODULE up to 60 lt
    • Rotating cup containment MODULE up to 90 lt
    • Forced ventilation module / Drying 90°.
    • Forced ventilation module / Drying 145°
    • Including cup insulation
    • Opening and unloading module
    • Liquid weighing machine interfaced with PLC for weight stop
    • 1 spare cup of 30 or 60 or 90 liters
    • General switchboard and protections,
    • Panelboard with mechanical timers
    • Panel View Display
    • With touch screen up to 100 mem. + usb x back-up
    • Machine suitable for using solvent-based substances for material treatment
    • Machine complies with ATEX regulations:
    • Electrical parts away from the potentially hazardous area according to regulations;
    • Maximum settable lower temperature;
    • Grounding cables on all joints and canceled all potential causes of sparking;
    • Pipes for the material with double coating;
    • Redundancy of safeties, including double aspirator for solvents in the cup;
    • Certification with expertise per ATEX regulations.



      COATING MACHINES made by us are suitable for:

    • Spraying external covering products on rubber parts with semi-permanent or permanent coating;
    • The treated part does not alter its sealing capabilities;
    • The part acquires a high sliding ability on the tracks of automatic parts assembly machines;
    • The treatment can be semi-permanent or permanent depending on the product used in spraying and pre-treatment;
    • Coating does not interfere with food, paint, or other liquids in contact with OR. (If FDA-approved coating is used);
    • Minimum thicknesses.



small parts coating machine


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