campioni packaging

Packaging machines for rubber parts: O-rings or rubber gaskets

Perfect stacking of the pieces, possibility of packaging with film, possibility to use aluminium cardboard tubes, possibility of automatic unloading.

The packaging machines we manufacture:

  • are suitable for O-rings, cutting rings or rubber seals;
  • they can be of various sizes, flexible and adapt perfectly to the needs of the customer;
  • the product can be stacked simply or stacked and packaged with film;
  • can also be inserted in an existing line or associated with a vision system;
  • adapt perfectly to the company's production flow.
  • the packaged pieces can be easily unloaded by the operator without stopping the machine and thus increasing productivity;
  • an automatic unloading station can also be included;
  • flatness and integrity of the pieces kept unaltered;
  • ease and speed in the recipe change and the possibility of adapting the machine even to different pieces.

Our models

Our machines are very versatile and adaptable to customer needs.

macchine di controllo + packaging

Vision Machines plus Packaging

Innovative lines with VISION and PACKAGING combined together

The purpose of artificial vision by ALGES is to inspect the piece in order to obtain and guarantee the absence of defects on the selected product.

After inspecting the parts, the pieces considered good, are sent to a packaging machine.
Why invest time in the packaging and stacking of the pieces, when two automatic systems joined together can do it for you, guaranteeing you a better result?