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foto carrello verticale


foto carrello verticale


In an effort to simplify skills and optimize safety for operators, Alges has developed the die change cart for vertical presses. The cart is set up to fit the model and size of your molds and presses. The 7 electric handling axes allow molds to be mounted and removed even in tight spaces. The Machine has positively passed compliance with the analysis on safety in use both in work and internal transfers/movements, performed by specific company.

DATASHEET Mould change trolley for vertical presses

Electrically operated mold lifting and handling carriage and vertical mold changing aid. The machine is specially designed to eliminate manual handling by the operator.

  • Maximum mold weight at tip: Molds of max 200 kg and Plates up to 650 x 650 x 100 mm;
    Cart used for picking up/depositing molds from shelf H min 550 and max 1,600 mm;
  • Cart used for mold pickup/deposit from VERTICAL Press, equipped with mold in the column passage;

Mold is handled by the molds IN HORIZONTAL position.Machinery must be able to pass easily and safely through the production department, like all other forklifts.
The mold change cart in vertical presses is able to ensure the convenient positioning in mechanical safety and toward the operator of all operational steps of mold handling.
The machine is battery-powered self-propelled, complete with battery charger, and follows elevator regulations. Battery life: 1.5 hours continuously and depending on transit speed and elevator movements. Battery recharge 1.5 hours.
Operator operates at ground level with forced speed during transit and with shoulder-mounted hand control during picking and changing.
OPTION: Operator training course at your facility, after which a certificate of successful completion is issued.
Vertical mold changing truck has successfully passed the compliance with the analysis on safety in use in both work and internal transfers/movements, performed by specific company Perimeter/emergency safety included.
Protections and safety devices + BOX


0 - On-board hardware devices and software applications. Annual scheduled system verification service on man-machine safety and system integrity.

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 - 16/04/2024

In Line AIR

Innovative automatic belt inspection machine.   Thanks to the fact that there is no material between the cameras and the piece, the quality of the images acquired from one side of the piece and the other is the same. The automatic lifting system of all stations allows quick cleaning or replacement of the belts. Tilt without crushing the pieces.  …

Simplify your work with the new Mold Changing Trolley. Moving an industrial mold is always a challenge for those who have to tool presses and industrial molding equipment every day.   Molds can have widely varying dimensions and weights that can reach several quintals. In addition, the shape of the molds themselves makes them particularly difficult to handle, resulting in…
 - 09/02/2023
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