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Simplify your work with the new Mold Changing Trolley. Moving an industrial mold is always a challenge for those who have to tool presses and industrial molding equipment every day.   Molds can have widely varying dimensions and weights that can reach several quintals. In addition, the shape of the molds themselves makes them particularly difficult to handle, resulting in…
 - 09/02/2023


Structure and Supporting Base Suction filter unit Air settling unit from solid residue Spraying plant with 10-liter tank Pumping plant with pump and agitator 3 air and liquid pipes, Gun Units: rotating cup containment MODULE up to 60 lt Rotating cup containment MODULE up to 90 lt Forced ventilation module / Drying 90°. Forced ventilation module / Drying 145° Including…

The new ALGES website is online

The new ALGES website is online. It has been completely updated both graphically and in content to make browsing faster, easily usable by any device and give you all the information you need to know us better. We have adopted a more fresh and modern look. The site is made in responsive mode to automatically adapt to all navigation devices…
 - 31/10/2018
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