RotoSIL Pharma - SILICONIZING machine

  RotoSIL Pharma - Silicone Coating Machine for Pharmaceutical Parts: Precision Engineering: Alges presents RotoSIL Pharma, a meticulously engineered machine tailored for silicone coating applications on rubber or plastic parts within the pharmaceutical industry. Premium Materials: Crafted from durable A304 stainless steel, with additional components in A316 steel for heightened resistance to Cleaning in Place (CIP) procedures post-process. Efficient Loading…

Vision machines for Pharma

Innovative Automatic Belt Inspection Machine for the Pharma Sector: Advanced Design for Pharma Standards: Our cutting-edge automatic belt inspection machine is meticulously engineered to meet the stringent criteria of machinery in the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring compliance and reliability. Optimal Image Quality: With no material obstructing the view between the cameras and the piece, our machine ensures consistent image quality from…
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