RotoSIL Pharma - SILICONIZING machine


RotoSIL Pharma - Silicone Coating Machine for Pharmaceutical Parts:

  • Precision Engineering: Alges presents RotoSIL Pharma, a meticulously engineered machine tailored for silicone coating applications on rubber or plastic parts within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from durable A304 stainless steel, with additional components in A316 steel for heightened resistance to Cleaning in Place (CIP) procedures post-process.
  • Efficient Loading Mechanism: The machine facilitates effortless loading of pieces into a rotating drum, where they are exposed to a fine mist comprising water, filtered air, and silicone. The mist composition can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. Following this, the cycle efficiently extracts any excess liquid.
  • Versatile Loading Options: The loading process can be customized to suit various requirements, offering flexibility and adaptability to different production scenarios.
  • Automated Unloading: Streamline your operations with automated unloading capabilities, including pre-weighed filling of outbound containers, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual intervention.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of operation, the machine features a Panel View interface with a touch screen, offering intuitive navigation and user-friendly controls. Multiple password levels and operator recognition further enhance security and accessibility.

Experience seamless silicone coating processes and unparalleled efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing with RotoSIL Pharma. Contact us today to discover how this cutting-edge solution can optimize your production workflows.

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