RotoSIL Pharma - SILICONIZING machine

RotoSIL Pharma machine - SILICONE MACHINE parts:
• Alges produces RotoSIL Pharma: a machine specifically built to silicone rubber or plastic parts for the pharmaceutical sector.
• The machine is built in A304 stainless steel and with parts also in A316 steel which is more resistant to Cleaning (CIP) activities at the end of the process.
• The machine allows for easier loading of the pieces into a rotating drum by presenting the pieces to a MIST composed of water, filtered air and silicone, the percentages of which can be varied according to your needs. The cycle then allows the extraction of the very small liquid part automatically.
• The load can be served by various systems and also transformed automatically
• Unloading can also be automated with pre-weighed filling of the outgoing box
• Machine easy to use.
• Panel view with touch screen with various password levels and operator recognition

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