Coating Machines for External Rubber Coverings

Our coating machines are designed to meet the requirements of applying external covering products to rubber parts. With a solid structure and reliable supporting base, they ensure stability during the processing.

  • Spraying Gun: Ensures precise and uniform application of the coating on rubber parts.
  • Rotating Cup Containment Module up to 60 liters: Offers flexibility and adaptable capacity to accommodate the sizes of the pieces to be treated.
  • Opening and Unloading Module: Optimizes the processing, allowing for easy loading and unloading of parts.
  • General Control Panel and Protections with Mechanical Timers: Ensures safe and reliable control of the coating process.

Our coating machines are ideal for:

  • Spraying external covering products on rubber parts with semi-permanent or permanent coatings.
  • Maintaining the original sealing capabilities of the treated piece.
  • Improving the sliding capacity of parts on automatic assembly machine tracks.
  • Applying semi-permanent or permanent treatments according to specific needs.
  • Ensuring that the coating does not interfere with food, paints, or other liquids in contact with the treated piece when using FDA-approved coating.
  • Applying minimum thicknesses for uniform and controlled coverage.

Contact us today to discover how our coating machines can enhance your production process and ensure high-quality results.

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