Large packaging line with external film

MAXI LINEA is a full optional stacking machine.
It is equipped with automatic loading, stacking unit, film unit and automatic unloading unit.
On request it can also be supplied with oiling unit and vision system.

A stacker is a machine that can stack rubber seals in a tube (metal, plastic or cardboard) to facilitate unloading, positioning in boxes and shipping.

The line can be used for cutting rings, gaskets, O-rings.

The line is made up of 4 ribbons that travel parallel and from the poles that are moved on a catenary.

Can provide high performance, with all the options that an expert in the field may want.

The fully automatic exhaust allows not to engage the operator all the time with the unloading of the pieces, thus obtaining great savings.

The machine can be equipped with different sets of poles for the different sizes of the pieces, always guaranteeing an easy, fast and precise recipe change.

The software updated and already in use in our machines for some time, makes the machine robust and efficient, with the ability to customize the operator interface based on customer requirements.

The software also allows you to set and store the parameters for each individual item so you can use them for subsequent batches.

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